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Jacqui’s highlights as she celebrates nine years as owner of Wheeler’s

Today marks nine years of Jacqui taking ownership of Wheeler’s as a project that continues to ignite her passion for connecting people with beautiful dining experiences, the ocean environment, and most importantly, cherishing friends and family.

Her most memorable moments over the years have come from making special connections with special guests who have been celebrating special occasions and events at Wheeler's.

Jacqui fondly remembers her very first night at Wheeler's, when two dapper gentlemen and a very elegant lady enjoyed a decadent dinner, including lobster mornay, ordered especially for them in advance. At the end of the night, and after several attempts to arrange transport to their accommodation, Jacqui offered to drive them home... only to find out that the lady in the back seat was in fact Lady Susan Renouf! (Who had honeymooned at the Black Dolphin with her first husband, Andrew Peacock many years earlier!)

Most recently Miguel Maestre (chef and co-host of The Living Room) dined at the Restaurant and was heard saying ‘It’s rare to meet someone who has such a welcoming smile, and who is such a passionate advocate of hospitality.’

Jacqui had very little experience in hospitality before taking on Wheeler's and owes it to her team for teaching her the ropes, and to her family for supporting her the whole way. Hugh Wheeler has also been a fantastic mentor and landlord, and she is very grateful for all the wonderful people who have helped along the journey.

Highlights include holding the actual Melbourne Cup whilst hosting a beautiful breakfast soirée...

Raising over $5,000 for local legendary runner Dane Waites for his epic run from Perth to Pambula whilst enjoying an afternoon of bubbles and High Tea with many special guests...

Hosting a variety of 'Biggest Morning Teas' each and every year to raise money for the Cancer Council. Most notably, in recent years, co-hosting the Biggest Champagne Breakfast with the dynamic Pambula Business Chamber - a swish occasion that has been very memorable and fun.

If you’re after a special experience and the freshest local seafood, Wheeler’s is your destination.

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